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Photography is like a good Gumbo...

"Photography is like a good Gumbo, many different ingredients coming together to create awesomeness!" -GK

I believe life is best celebrated with friends and family and through food and music so, my hometown New Orleans sets the perfect stage for me. Click the video on the right and see if together we could create something awesome.

Wedding Photographer in New Orleans

The beauty and romance of New Orleans can inspire some of the most amazing engagement and wedding photos. From the gigantic oak trees to the colorful architecture lining the streets, New Orleans is a photographer’s dream. Beautiful images can be seen everywhere you look. The beauty of New Orleans inspires some of the most amazing wedding and engagement photos.

As your wedding photographer, we won’t just take your pictures. We will tell your story—the emotions you felt, the people who attended, the personalities of the bride and groom, your crazy uncle on the dance floor. We will capture it all. We pride ourselves in giving each couple a unique experience as we take their pictures. In our 20+ years as New Orleans wedding photographers, we’ve learned that there is no standard formula a photographer can apply to each wedding or engagement shoot. We understand that every couple has a unique story to tell. We want to capture your moments and tell your story, not someone else’s. Let us help you tell your story while capturing the beauty and romance of New Orleans in your images. Contact us to get started.

Photographs capture the memories you will look back on and treasure your whole life. At GK Photography, we are proud to offer our clients each a unique, individual experience to tell your story through pictures. We treat all of our clients as individuals, offering our full service and products for use. We are trained by masters in our industry to keep the passion of beautiful imagery alive and provide the service tailored to your needs. Look through our website at some of the projects we’ve done, and you’ll see that we showcase our professional, vast knowledge of photography in every image we capture. We want to tell your story, whether you’re a growing family, a bride and groom, a high school senior, or anyone wanting to capture memories. We are also known for our commercial photography, including work for hotels, restaurants, products, and events. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us today to get started.