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New Orleans

Whether we are shooting senior portraits, family portraits, engagement pictures, or wedding pictures, New Orleans is a fantastic location. In one city, there are so many possibilities to achieve the look you are going for. Downtown New Orleans offers such a unique backdrop for your pictures, with its colorful walls, urban scenes, and unique architecture. We can also venture out a little to the beautiful City Park and the Botanical Gardens.

Wedding venues are endless in New Orleans. There are so many beautiful places for weddings and receptions: cathedrals, hotel ballrooms, courtyards, restaurants, plantations, reception halls, and more. Browse through the “Wedding” section our website to see some of the work we’ve done for weddings around the city.

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Kailey ‹ Senior in Chapelle

Claire ‹ Senior in Dominican

Riverbend Charters & Tours ‹ Commercial Photography in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: GK

Professional and dependable vehicle charter service for VIP and Executive transportation, airport transfers, oil & gas crew transport, festival transporation, special events, football game charters.

Riverbend Charters & Tours is a family owned business, dedicated to providingclients with safe and reliable transportation.


Gay & Grant ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: Mike

"No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we'll start with Forever." -Edward Cullen

Allison & Russell ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: Mike

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." -Audrey Hepburn

Ashley ‹ Senior in Bonnabel

Location: New Orleans
School: Bonnabel

Michelle & Brandon ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

Falling in love, that is the beginning of everything!

Antoine's Bakery ‹ King Cakes in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

If you are in the need of some tasty treats ...contact Antoines Bakery and tell them GK Sent you!

Address: 1300 Stumpf Blvd, Gretna, LA 70053
Phone:(504) 368-6222

Gray Line Tours ‹ Ghost Tours in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

A Nighttime Walking Tour of the French Quarter

New Orleans has been referred to as “The most haunted city in America.” After this tour, we’ll let you be the judge!

With its colorful history and unique traditions, it is no wonder so many New Orleans homes and taverns have been investigated by paranormal investigators.

You'll visit several haunted sites and hear about the stories featured on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel.

Hear ghostly stories about our haunted hotels and the courthouse where our state supreme court is based. We even visit a former slave exchange. Each guide has researched these "other spirits" of the Vieux Carre, so no two tours are exactly alike.

Gray Line Tours ‹ Cocktail Tours in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

New Orleans' Original Cocktail Walking Tour

Take a walk through the French Quarter’s famous bars and restaurants and discover the famous “spirits” of New Orleans. It's history… with a twist!

From the Sazerac and Pimm's Cup to the Ramos Gin Fizz and Absinthe, you’ll enjoy a different view of New Orleans through its history of fine dining and drinking. We’ll entertain you with classic stories of the unique concoctions made famous here and the characters that brought them to life.

You’ll be shaken (not stirred) by the recipes of the city’s most infamous cocktails along the way.

Marriott ‹ Food Photography in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

NOW Magazine ‹ Press Shoot in Southern Oaks

Chloe ‹ Senior in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: Mike

Costco ‹ Commercial Photography in New Orleans

Leah ‹ Graduate in New Orleans

Lucy ‹ Senior in Baton Rouge

Location: Baton Rouge
Location: New Orleans
 Lucy came from Baton Rouge to experience our fashion style senior portraits. For someone who has never stepped in front of a camera before (Professionally) , she really knocked it out of the park!  I always enjoy pulling the inner personality out of my clients and producing imagery we can all be proud of.

Naomi & Corey ‹ Wedding in New Orleans

Ceremony: Jackson Square
Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: GK


"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

Sara & Alex ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

My relationship with Sara and Alex began with the simple consultation for their wedding. After discussing their wedding details for well over an hour I then knew we were a perfect match. Today in downtown New Orleans we had such a great time just hanging together and capturing all the fun and laughs that happened throughout the session. My engagement sessions are NOT about me posing my clients, yet encouraging them to be themsleves and have fun together. I am simply the bystander with a camera squeezing the shutter that captures every emotion, joyful laugh and love filled moment which is created by the beautiful couple in front of my lens.

Today I was able to be an artist. I watched a relationship through my camera's lens and squeezed off images that immortalized the day. What a fantastic job I have. Capturing life as I see it is the gift which I bear to share. Thank You Alex and Sara!


Ashaunta and Anton ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: Downtown New Orleans
Location: New Orleans

Ashaunta and Anton are so cute together. I see those big smiles when they look at each other and it makes me smile as well. Walking around downtown and talking about their wedding plans was a great way to share ideas and talk about how to put them into action. Anton has a fantastic ability to bring a smile to Ashaunta's face. I cannot wait to capture their wedding imagery on April 5, 2014!

Amber ‹ Senior Portraits in City Park New Orleans

Britni & Chase ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: Mike

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss

Cherish ‹ Bridal Portraits in Long Vue House and Gardens

Location: New Orleans
Venue: Long Vue House And Gardens

Everytime I have a session outdoors I pray for no rain. This day we weren't so lucky but instead worked with what was given to us an created beautiful imagery anyway. The rain does someting magical to natures surroundings. The rain makes the flowers and the grass more green, more colorful, just more subdude to photograph. Cherish's mom had this red umbrella that I just had to use in the scenery. Placing Cherish down that long driveway facing the entrance gate was stunning enough. When she held the red umbrella I saw the possibility of an art piece.

So even though we didn't have that bright sunny day we all think we want, we created beautiful imagery we will never forget. Everyone deserves to have a special experience that only belongs to you.


Hannah & William ‹ Engagement in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

Alanah & Dr.Corey Hebert ‹ Botanical Gardens in New Orleans

Floral-design: Bee's Wedding And Event Floral Designs
Location: Botanical Gardens
Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: GK
Photographed-by: Tim A.

Tiffany ‹ Bridals in Race and Religious

Dress: Town And Country
Floral-design: Bella Blooms Floral Designs
Location: New Orleans
Reception: Race And Religious New Orleans

Race and Religious is an old European style house residing on the corner of Race and Religious. It's a pretty cool idea for the name of a venue! When you enter the house you are taken back with it's history and architechure. When Tiffany wanted to do her bridal formals there, I knew the contrast of the house and her beautiful dress would look stunning. The property has 2 houses, a pool, exposed brick, iron gates and very unique looking rooms with the history to go along with it.

I absolutely fell in love with Tiffany's bridal images at Race and Religious. Every single image has it's own flare of rustic beauty. I have photographed all around the country and there is truly no place like home. New Orleans is where I was born and I'm so proud of all of it's unique beauty.


Mary & Chris ‹ Wedding in Southern Oaks Plantation

Bakery: La Louisiane Bakery
Brides-dress: Davids Bridal
Ceremony: St Mary's Assumption Church
Floral-design: Beth's Flowers
Limo: Regal Limosines
Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: GK
Photographed-by: Tim A.
Reception: Southern Oaks Plantation
Videographer: Bella Productions
Mary & Chris had a beautiful wedding at Saint Mary's Assumption and a rockstar party at Southern Oaks PLantation. I had the honor of photographing her sister's wedding as well years before. The Guggenheimer family are truly wonderful people. Seeing both families come together and celebrate was so much fun to capture in the camera. When you photograph a wedding you have a shot list in your head that NEEDS to get done, but then the other images that just happen randomly is what makes you the artist you are as a photographer. One of the most sincere images I captured that evening was right before the ceremony began.

It was 5 minutes before Mary and her father were to get out the limo and walk down the aisle when two family members stopped by the limo to tell her good luck. Then I noticed dad had his hand on Mary's shoulder and the two ladies were saying a prayer with Mary. Capturing moments like these are what I live for as a photographer. I could have snapped a shot from where I was but moving in closer I could see dad's face as he prayed with his hand on his daughter. Prayer is such a powerful event. When the "powers at be" bring two people together in marriage...you must give thanks.

Mary and Chris had a beautiful ceremony then went to Southern Oaks for the party of a lifetime! Being that Mary's brother is "Stevie G" on the radio at B-97fm, he helped them put together a "RAP SONG" which both bride and groom performed without a hitch. What do rap stars do at the end of a song when they are done....with attitude drop the mic on the floor and just walk away. So Mary did. AWESOME!

Sabrina & Josh ‹ Engagement Photography in New Orleans

Location: City Park
Location: New Orleans

Katherine & Linsey ‹ Wedding in St. Stephen's

Band: Louisiana Spice
Ceremony: St Stephens Church
Location: New Orleans
Photographed-by: GK
Videographer: Dyle Films
Katherine's wedding was super unique for me.  In my 18 years of capturing weddings I don't ever recall seeing a 3 generation dress worn by the bride.  Katherine's mom was so excited her daughter wanted to wear her dress she redesigned it to her liking...FROM SCRATCH!
Mrs. D'Antonio is very talented with a needle and thread!  Every bead, every stitch was months of work for her mom.  To see the dress her grandmother , mom and now her wore on their wedding day is a story only made up for the movies.  

Katherine truly graced down the church to meet her groom to be and say...I Do!  I was honored to be their choice for such a memorable event in their lives.  Thank You!

Salon ‹ Headshots in The Masters Hair Salon

Location: New Orleans
 I get a phone call one day to do some headshots for a local salon named "In The Masters Hands".  I was pleasently surprised to see that the stylists and owners were very creative in their work.  Our photoshoot would be blueprinted out for time, models scheduled for hair, makeip and photography and we wanted to capture as much as we could in one day!  It seemed like a fun but tall order but working with the girls was amazing!  These stylists are very good at what they do.  When you walk in their salon it isn't like any other I have seen in their area.  Cutting hair is one thing but to see their talent at work is awesome!
      My photography complimented their style perfectly and we accomplished all of our goals we had planned.  In a commercial shoot you MUST be organized to get the biggest bang for your dollar.  If you need a styled cut, go to ITMH.com and tell them that "GK" sent you!  :)

AOL ‹ Event Photography in New Orleans

Company: America Online Aol
Location: New Orleans
 The America Online event at the CCC was truly one to remember.  I photograph many jobs for the downtown Marriott on Canal and I'm always surprised how their events come together.  This event was decked out to the niine with cooking competitions, AOL executives, Marriott chefs and decor to enhance the event to the next level.  New Orleans is a magical place when you have events like these to capture.

Blue Room ‹ Commercial Photography in New Orleans

Company: Blue Room
Company: New Orleans Wedding Magazine
Dress: Bustles And Bows
Dress: Southern Bridal Boutique
Floral-design: Bella Blooms Floral Designs
Location: Downtown New Orleans
Location: New Orleans
Reception: The Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans
The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans is a GORGEOUS place for a reception and is such a historic piece of New Orleans history. The room has such a majestic feel We were so honored to have a photo from this photo shoot featured on the cover of New Orleans Wedding Magazine. You can read see the full magazine feature here or read more about it in our blog.

Newborns ‹ Portraits in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
 We allow up to 2 hours to capture our newborns.  The younger the better!!!  This lil lady is 10 days old and soooo adorable.  We ask our moms to come at a time where they are hungry and feed the baby when you get to the studio.  This way the newborn will fall into a deep sleep and my wife and I can work our magic.  Babies that are 2-3 weeks old are more difficult to pose because they find their lil muscles and become non bendable for us.  :(   Each and every newborn portrait is a creation of art for your walls. These styled images look amazing as Gallery Wrap Canvases for your walls.  Your friends and family will be in awe when they look at the canvas  images of your newborn!   Each wall portrait is signed by me and delivered to you with our utmost respect for quality. 

Linsey ‹ Bridal Portraits in Mardi Gras World

Location: New Orleans
Reception: Mardi Gras World New Orleans
 Linsey and I truly had a BLAST going to Mardi Gras World and creating some really fun images.  Her bridal party was in town the day before the wedding so she got dressed and her girls met us there to quickly pull off some images.  I'll never forget as people for the rehearsal dinner of another function was walking in we were just about wrapping it up.  Linsey made such a beautiful bride making my job pretty darn easy.  Some of the images I showed her how to pose and she laughed because she swore she couldn't pull it off?  YEP - she pulled it off!  :)

Firemans Newborn Son ‹ Portraits in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
  I had the honor of capturing this lil man's newborn imagery in his dad's fireman's gear. I also captured the mom and dad's wedding not that long ago. When a baby is 10 days or younger my wife and I can get some really beautiful imagery with some patience. OK- A LOT of patience! :) I have so much love for a newborn I just stare at this beautiful new creation and think..."How lucky am I to be the one to capture his 1st images professionally?" My clients are truly like family and our friends. I am so proud that my created art of their beautiful lil man gets to hangs on their walls for years to come. These images as Gallery Wraps are going to be absolutely stunning in their home. Today, I feel like I have arrived as an artist. I stopped snapping pictures years ago...now I create art.

Thank You Kelly & Brian for the honor - GK

Mariott ‹ Event Photography in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans
 Since 2005 I have been working with the Marriott for events and menu imagery.  The chefs are culinary masters and the events are bar none!  I have worked with head chef Greg Picard and several others throughout the years.  What amazes me the most is the level of excellence they produce.  It's always an honor to work for them and I cannot wait for the next job!

Exterior ‹ Commercial Photography in New Orleans

Maternity ‹ Portraits in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

Children ‹ Portraits in New Orleans

Location: New Orleans

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