George and Elizabeth Kuchler, GK Photography

We are George and Elizabeth Kuchler. It’s so nice to meet you.
Photographs capture the memories you will look back on and treasure your whole life. At GK Photography, we are a husband and wife team proud to offer our clients each a unique experience to tell your story through pictures. George is trained by masters in the industry to keep his passion for beautiful imagery alive and provide the highest quality service tailored to your needs. Elizabeth handles all business, administrative and client service aspects of our company. Combined, we treat all of our clients as individuals, and we take pride in our commitment to personal service and attention to detail.

GK, Principle Photographer

George Kuchler, GK Photography in New Orleans

As I stare at my computer screen attempting to sum up last 2 decades of being a professional photographer for this bio, I am amazed by all the memories that I have stored in my thoughts. I am blessed to do this for a living. I see life in a different way than most people. I see all the colors, the moods of where the shadows lie and the shapes and lines of everywhere God’s light touches. Learning how to create with the camera has taken many years of training and hard work, but the real reason why I love my job is one simple thing…people. People create the moments that are worth capturing and sharing with the rest of the world.

When a bride sheds a tear at the altar and her groom is quick to wipe her tear with his finger, I live that moment with my eyes and my emotions tell my fingers to capture this moment. People create food that is a work of art. People build the buildings that stun us with their designs , people have little adorable babies that laugh and cry, people invented the camera which became the tool in which we share all of these images.

If you take away all of the accolades, the celebrity clients, the backstage passes, and the years of experience, I am left with the first original reason why I love my job. It’s all about the person in front of my lens. People make moments happen. I just squeeze the shutter.

Mike, Photographer

Mike, wedding photographer

Mike is one of our photographers for weddings and events. His artistic eye, all American boy demeanor and passion for photography is a fantastic addition to our team. Mike is also our lead photographer for our sister company "Red Leaf Weddings" You can see more of his wedding work at http://www.redleafweddings.com

How Mike's love for photography began
Well ever since I was little my Granny Kat had a camera around for family gatherings. She would always make (and I stress MAKE) everyone line up for a group photo, but it was never just one! Fast forward to Christmas 2004. My dad received a Nikon D70 as a gift. This was the first time I held a digital SLR, and definitely the first time I got to play with one. While he was inside entertaining guests I went outside, fiddled with the settings, and somehow managed to slow down the shutter to create these crazy (ugly) images of the night sky. I just thought that was the coolest thing! Over the next year I used that camera so much I would find myself waking up next to it! I've been building and learning ever since.

Why weddings?
I love the story of weddings. How the bride and groom met and fun details like how they managed to plan a wedding while living on the opposite sides of the country. I love learning about how they came to choose their bridal party and all the experiences that have brought them together. Everyone's story is different; everyone's journey is different. I love having the ability, and being given the opportunity, to help them remember this step in their journey for years to come.


Stacie, Social Media

Stacie, Social Media for GK Photography

Stacie is our social media queen!
As you know, we are in a social media world and keeping up with it all takes a lot of time. I was very happy to hand over my duties to Stacie because she is simply excellent at everything she does professionally. She is the perfect addition to the GK team because she adds her flare for the romantic in every blog post. Her attention to details and unique finds of sincere quotes from authors just seems to put the final spice to the thread. Elizabeth and I appreciate her fantastic attitude and talent for always making something simple so many times better!

Jennifer, Graphic Designer

Jennifer, Graphic Designer for GK Photography

Jennifer is a long time friend, employee and part of our family. She designs from scratch custom wedding album designs, birth announcements, graduation announcements, senior custom books, marketing designs,etc. Basically if the job needs the custom touch then she is our girl. Elizabeth and I are proud to have her talent on the GK team!