Photography is like a good Gumbo...

"Photography is like a good Gumbo, many different ingredients coming together to create awesomeness!" -GK

NEW ORLEANS has been my home since I was born! Being a native here in New Orleans truly gives me a creative edge being surrounded by excellent food and fantastic music. We eat to fill our souls and dance to music that fills our heart with excitement. I love my job and every aspect of it. I am not limited to only weddings but I'm proud to be one of the most referred wedding photographers in New Orleans. I'm proud to have clients such as the Marriott hotel, Lakeside Shopping Mall, Mulates, Taste of Tokyo and many many others.

My love for beautiful cuisines encourages me to photograph food as often as I can for some of the best restaurants in the city. My love for people gives me joy making people smile and capturing moments that are dear to them. Weddings here in New Orleans is a huge part of our business because our brides come back as new mothers and the family portraits continue from there.

Enough about me it's time I get to know YOU! Let's create something memorable together and share with the world the love I have for photography. -GK

Wedding Photographer in New Orleans

Here at GK Photography, we offer our full products and service to each and every one of our clients. You are an individual, and should be treated as such. That’s why we offer unique experiences to each of our clients. We want to capture your unique story and showcase it through beautiful, professional imagery. We specialize in providing excellent, customized services to our clients while showcasing our passion for beautiful imagery. Our experience and vast knowledge of photography is showcased in every project we do. We want to tell your story, whether you’re a growing family, a bride and groom, a high school senior, or anyone wanting to capture memories. We are also known for our commercial photography, including work for hotels, restaurants, products, and events. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us today to get started.

The beauty and romance of New Orleans can inspire some of the most amazing engagement and wedding photos. No matter where you look in the city, you will see beautiful imagery screaming to be captured in your pictures- from the rustic, yet elegant architecture to the towering oaks adorned with Spanish moss. The most beautiful wedding and engagement pictures are inspired by the romance of New Orleans.

We want to do more than take your picture. We want to tell your story. We are not the New Orleans wedding photographers who take only manufactured, posed images. We believe that there is no set formula we can apply to each couple, because each couple is unique. Since New Orleans is such an eclectic city, we are confident that we will be able to capture the wedding story you want to tell while also capturing the romance of New Orleans through your photos.


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